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[_] Google - Personalized Search For everyone - Is that will be end of SEO ; )

Marek Wawro marek.wawro at
Mon Dec 7 09:56:45 GMT 2009

2009/12/7 Jason Nevin <jason_nevin at>

> >This is looking for me like google made a another step which creates SEO
> >less efective. (or ironicly ultra efective, as results will be noticable
> >straight away on client`s browsers ;)
> I'm not sure I agree with you Marek. This is only going to be effective for
> searches regularly performed by a searcher and in most cases they will
> already know what they're looking for. For example a user will type in
> "confused"when they are looking for All this will do is
> ensure that will always come top for that particular search.
> It will have no bearing on a searcher typing in "hotels in bristol" for
> example.

Yes you are right, But I am talking about "charlatans" charging 150 gbp per
hours which are calling them selfs SEO (I do not mean to blame real seo
specialist, which are very rare ocasion) to sell instant effect of my page
being number one in search result list. So let's say if I am owner of, I naturally  visiting my website on daily basis  and
then every time I am searching for toast in bristol i will have

So aparently many keywords started to matching website I have done or
visited, and when I do similar search via shell on my servers I am having
different results. So if I will be an average non technical guy, I will
propably belive that this 150gbp I am paying for my seo actually works ! ;)

Marek Wawro <marek.wawro at>