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[_] Computer on Scooter

Andrew McGregor andy at
Sun Dec 6 21:00:46 GMT 2009

> "There's a big misconception about USB charging that its just like
> outlet charging. You plug something into the usb slot and you get

So are we trying to recreate outlet charging?  I notice my
Kensington/FM car charger charges the iPhone very very slowly.  Maybe
it is only spilling out 100mA.  That may well be enough just to use
the phone without for all those useful apps like Flashlight, Hangman
and Stocks, or maybe a phone call, without draining the battery

Is the power to cigarette lighters cleaned or regulated in any way?
This suggests not:

My battery is 12v so if I'm only licking some cables and sticking them
to the bike then I can get away with hiding the cigarette and iPhone
adaptor under the seat or maybe even splice them together.

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