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[_] Mojo Skillswap?

Oliver Kohll - Mailing Lists oliver.lists at
Thu Dec 3 15:51:09 GMT 2009

> On 3 Dec 2009, at 11:55, Rob wrote:
>> If there is interest, I could probably do it in Jan or Feb.
> Just for everyone's info:
> Jan will be Amias and unix command lines. Feb will be Nameless and  
> Drupal. You're welcome to March if there's interest. Any other  
> offers?, we can probably get next year booked up now...
> Talking of which, ought to get some dates sorted... will get a doodle  
> up soon.
> Good that it's getting going again. We should have the Zend video up  
> in a bit.
> Oliver.

I'd like to do PostgreSQL (MySQL alternative) if there's any interest. I have a presentation I did at the recent postgres conference in Paris that some technical bits could come from. Couldn't do April though, perhaps a later month.

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