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[_] fat javascript and flckering

speed wolf speedwolf at
Thu Dec 3 14:01:12 GMT 2009

If images not downloading due to display: none; then put them on a
spritesheet with the rest of the site furniture as then the browser
would already have it in cache ready to spring up like a frog in a
dynamite pond.


On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Adam Alton <adam.alton at> wrote:
>  > <script type='text/javascript'>$('html').addClass('js');</script>
> +1
> We use this technique a lot, it's really powerful, and means that if
> you're using Javascript to turn ugly things into sexy things you don't
> need to wait for the whole page to load and your JS to run before the
> ugly stuff gets hidden.  You can put all of your JS at the bottom of
> the page, so that it gets loaded after page render, but things that
> you want to hide for JS users are hidden before they are rendered.
> I would actually do:
> document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].id = 'hasJS';
> which means that:
> a) you don't need to put the jQuery library <script> in the <head>,
> you can put it at the bottom of the <body>, so the content loads
> faster and jQuery niceness comes at the end, and
> b) giving it an id rather than a class gives it more CSS specifity
> which in this case is usually a good thing.
> Is the flickering caused by the browser not bothering to download
> images until you do $('body').show(); ?  Do browsers load background
> images for elements that are display:none?
> Adam
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