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[_] PayPal Pro subscriptions / C# code

Dan Bramall dan at
Thu Dec 3 13:42:26 GMT 2009


I'm looking to implement PayPal Pro on a site of mine to handle customer
subscriptions.  The system needs to allow the customer to see their
billing/payment history, missed payments, free trial period expiry,
unsubscription/upgrade/account options etc all via my site without sending
the user to for everything.  I believe this is all possible using
the PayPal Pro API.

I know there is API documentation for this, but rather than re-inventing the
wheel I'm wondering if there is a simple open source or commercial package
in ASP.NET/C# which will provide this core subscription functionality
ready-to-go?  I don't need a shopping cart or product inventory back-end or
anything like that - just the tools to manage subscriptions and all that
goes with them.

Thanks all...