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[_] network issues

Nick Forsberg at
Thu Dec 3 12:18:51 GMT 2009

Hi all _

We have intermittent issues with computers getting knocked off the  
network, the solution is to renew their dhcp license. But its  
frustrating and a pain.

we are on virgin cable using:

Asante 10/100mbit switch plugged into a Netgear WGR614V7 Wireless  
Cable router  plugged into the Virgin Media Modem.

Using DHCP on our computers with reserved addresses in the netgear  
admin. We have 6 machines on the network at all times. 1 printer and  
7th machine occasionally on.

It seems when anybody extra connects through wireless it knocks off a  
machine fixed. Even the lovely iPhone is responsible.

Any ideas? Could it be the mix of Address reservation and DHCP?

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers Nick

e: at