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[_] Zend Skillswap

Marek Wawro marek.wawro at
Thu Dec 3 10:30:21 GMT 2009

2009/12/3 jean-paul Gorman <underscore at>

> Just wanted to say thank you very much to Marek for the recent Zend
> Skillswap. I found it really interesting, coming from a cakePHP view point.
> Great stuff, can't wait till the next one!
Thank you.

In fact I am pleased with the frequency and intrerest in general,
I am planing to review the presentation I did, trying to give it proper
educational flow, so It will be easier to split that over shapes.
As I am aware that I was jumping (like a compiler ;) bettwen the topics,
which was bit messy.

I am finishing off the demo app I did , so I want to publish it as working
sample application.

In ther coridor discussion, there was also idea of porting wordpress to
Zend, which aparently was not only mine desire :) So hopefully that will
spark too.

Marek Wawro <marek.wawro at>