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[_] Underscore, people's perceptions and recent unpleasantness

Laura Francis laura.griffiths at
Thu Dec 3 09:47:49 GMT 2009

I dont delete any threads although there are many that I don't read at
all. Particularly since the advent of Twitter etc.
I have my own personal Underscore archive in my gmail.

However, I really genuinely was about to unsubscribe this week as I
was deeply offended by the rhetoric against recruitment consultants.

I've got nearly every job I've ever had through a recruitment
consultant, and I've recruited a lot of good people through them too.
They've saved me valuable time and money and earnt me a lot over the
years. Its personal choice to use them or not but I choose to. There
are a few total muppets out there but there are also really good
people. There are a lot of muppets in the web design/development
business who are unscrupulous nit-wits but I think that is true
whatever the industry.

Through underscore over the past 7 years I have, made really good
friends, found somewhere to live, found flatmates, found tree
surgeons, found jobs, found people to work for me, learnt CSS, found a
wedding photographer, founded SkillSwap and more. It has been
invaluable in my life, and I don't want to leave but neither do I want
to be associated with a group who find slagging a whole industry off
an acceptable pastime.

I think that the overall outcome has been that most people think it
was rather OTT. As that seems to be the consensus I'll stay for now.

Finally, only about 20% of what happens on Underscore has ever been
relevant to me, but its been a very valuable 20%. And that is because
the group is so diverse and that is why there is value.