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[_] Google Adwords coupon for £75

Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Wed Dec 2 16:35:35 GMT 2009

2009/12/2 Ray Brooks <ray.userinterface at>

> to quote the economist:
> "The true cost of something is what you give up to get it. This
> includes not only the money spent in buying (or doing) the something,
> but also the economic benefits (UTILITY) that you did without because
> you bought (or did) that particular something and thus can no longer
> buy (or do) something else."
> so, if it costs google nothing to give up (they gave it away), and it
> costs you nothing to give up (you are giving it up), it is worth
> nothing. i'd say that's a fair appraisal of this particular offer.
> r
> That assumes you are calculating the worth with respect to the present
owner, not it's worth with respect to someone who desires it.

Does that qualify for the "50% b*llocks talked on underscore" camp?