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[_] Hello underscore + Zend Global Partials

Marek Wawro marek.wawro at
Wed Dec 2 16:05:19 GMT 2009

2009/12/2 Rhys Thomas <rhys at>

> Hey,
> Recently joined underscore and enjoyed reading various posts over the
> past weeks or so, guess im firstly introducing myself here (hey)  but
> to kill two birds with one stone I also have a Zend question I thought
> id chuck out regarding partials and making them global?
> I know that you can call partials between modules but we need to set
> up a partial folder in the root ( i.e below modules) so that it can be
> accessble by all views.
> It has been suggested to set up a shared view script path, anyone know
> how this done?
> Cheers for any suggestions

Hi Rhys,
You are using them relatively to the layoutPath

resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/layouts/scripts"

so APPLICATION_PATH can be a shared place.

you can use them in view scripts directory like


Marek Wawro <marek.wawro at>