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[_] Underscore, people's perceptions and recent unpleasantness

Dave Sayer dave at
Wed Dec 2 14:10:32 GMT 2009

> 2009/12/2 rw at <rw at>
> For me, its a practicality thing. If I have to delete hundreds of silly
> emails every week, its wasting my time so I'll go elsewhere. If its just
> the odd one here and there, fine.


I have been on here for some years now, mostly as a lurker but now, for
various reasons, I am edging out of the woodwork. I have started to go to
the meet ups in Bath and Bristol and have found that the [_] collective is a
rich and diverse community of individuals who like to share knowledge,
discuss many things and have japes. It's a good thing to be involved in.

I have not seen anything like what we have over the last few days in the 4
or so years of being a member. Give it a chance, you won't regret it. :)

Just my tuppence

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