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[_] Underscore, people's perceptions and recent unpleasantness

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Wed Dec 2 14:10:02 GMT 2009

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> 	unpleasantness
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> On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:50 PM, rw at <rw at> wrote:
> > For me, its a practicality thing. If I have to delete hundreds of silly
> > emails every week, its wasting my time so I'll go elsewhere. If its just
> > the odd one here and there, fine.
> Try setting up some rules to skip your inbox - i'd leave too if it was
> filling up my inbox, even with 100% useful content!

I now receive underscore as a digest for this very reason. As soon as I see a thread falling into childish name calling, it's easier to ignore.
Please stick around though Russ, there are some nice and intelligent people on this list, I assure you.