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[_] Underscore, people's perceptions and recent unpleasantness

mike karthauser mikek at
Wed Dec 2 13:58:48 GMT 2009

hi russ

On 2 Dec 2009, at 13:50, rw at wrote:

> Anyway. That's my two pence worth. I'll hang around for a while. See how
> things work out. Feel free to give me s**t about how patronising I am.

welcome to underscore. 

my tip to managing underscore noise is to use a mail rule to move it all into a folder and then view the messages as threads. Then if it looks like i'm going see something i'm not interested in, then its just a matter of deleting the whole thread. You can even set a rule to ignore certain people if you identify them as noisy/nosy.

in my long experience of underscore, its more useful than useless and i've got much of my work over the years off the list or underscore friends.

Hoping you stick around and enjoy the benefits of this list.

+1 for "attack the idea, not the person"

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