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[_] Underscore, people's perceptions and recent unpleasantness

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Wed Dec 2 13:50:12 GMT 2009


I'm a newbie here. And yes, it was quite frustrating to see the way the
argument unfolded. I read most of it because I'm still trying to get a feel
for this place. But eventually I had to just start deleting the emails
because it went on and on and didn't seem to be getting anywhere. It
prompted me to take a look back over the filed conversations to get a rough
idea of the proportion of useful posts to pointless argumentative ones.
Turns out it was about 50/50. Which gets me thinking that there must be
better groups out there and that this forum may well be wasting too much of
my time.

One thing that seems to work well on other forums is the principle of
"attack the idea, not the person". None of us are perfect. And some of us
are right gits. But whatever the cause of an offensive remark, it rarely
acheives anything to call the poster names and point out that they are a
f**kwit, even if they are being a f**kwit!

F**kwits are people too.

On the other hand, if someone takes offense, then I guess you can't blame
them for an emotional outburst. And why should it matter? Are we all so
vulnerable that we can't withstand a scathing and possibly unwarranted
remark once in a while?

For me, its a practicality thing. If I have to delete hundreds of silly
emails every week, its wasting my time so I'll go elsewhere. If its just
the odd one here and there, fine.

Anyway. That's my two pence worth. I'll hang around for a while. See how
things work out. Feel free to give me s**t about how patronising I am.


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