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[_] Job postings (was iPhone Contract - ?450 - Holland)

Amias Channer me at
Wed Dec 2 13:00:27 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 13:39 +0000, Stewart Smith wrote:
> How is a post from a recruiter different to someone asking for some
> short term freelance assistance to get a project delivered? 

typically the individual asking for assistance gives all the details 
of the job whereas recruitment consultants dont because they have
a whole string of terms and conditions they apply concerning exclusive
representation of candidates that prevent them from giving all the
details. I have worked for a recruitment consultant before.

> Would they need to pay/contribute as well?

no because they are usually involved in beneficial public discussions
with the rest of the group about the nature and terms of the employment
something which is impossible with most recruitment consultants terms
and conditions.

>  Surely as long as everyone is getting paid then there isn't really
> and issue. 

tell that to the people who have to get dropped from a shortlist because
2 greedy recruitment consultants have put them forward and the company
cannot risk the disputes between the recruitment consultancies for fees.

> I'm not sure why it's appropriate for people ignoring job adverts to
> be paid with free beer, seems like a weird equation to me!!
try replacing ignoring with tolerating and it might make more sense.