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[_] server based pdf creation

mike karthauser mikek at
Wed Dec 2 12:30:55 GMT 2009

hi tim

On 2 Dec 2009, at 12:22, Tim Marsh wrote:

>> others have done similarly and whether there is a silver bullet i can
>> install?
> Hi there,
> really depends on what you're generating, have done this with apache FOP (
> for an on the fly product catalog
> generation thing, and with itext ( for simple
> pdf stamping type stuff both java-y bits, fop is probably the easiest to
> start but the hardest to learn.
> for pdf based report generation, jasper server is excellent

We're looking to allow customer to download a pdf of various xhtml pages within a reporting system. 

Client is currently having issues as his customers are physically printing stuff which is all over the place due to the various local printer settings. He hopes that providing pdfs instead will allow better consistency.

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