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[_] server based pdf creation

tom whoojemaflip at
Wed Dec 2 12:17:00 GMT 2009

>> is there a silver bullet i can install?

I had some fun times playing around with Prince
which was a pleasure to work with.  It's one of the most standards compliant
user-agents out there, and the CSS handling is great.

Only going to be useful if you're converting HTML docs to PDF of course.

>From the wiki <>:

... CSS support [..] was comparable with web browsers such as
Opera<>and Mozilla
Firefox <>. As of January 2007,
Prince surpassed common web browsers in support for paged media, CSS
selectors, and generated content, including advanced facilities such as
[1] <> It has also been
expanded to support additional platforms—the latest offering include
packages for the Apple Mac <>,
and Solaris <>platforms.

In December 2005, Prince 5.1 passed the
Acid2<>test from the Web
Standards Project <>. It
was the third user agent <> to pass
the test, after