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[_] Font embedding

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Wed Dec 2 10:44:46 GMT 2009

On 2 Dec 2009, at 10:25, Pete Boere wrote:

> Personally I'd almost say Cufon is almost a better alternative for now
> because the font rendering is much better. It does suffer the same  
> licensing
> issues, but is also easier to optimize for file sizes.

We used Cufon in, and it has some serious layout issues with  
extra whitespace appearing, especially in Safari. Nightmare to get  
looking OK everywhere. It also doesn't resize as you adjust the font  
size in the browser (which I know isn't so much of an issue cos most  
browsers zoom the whole page now, but still).

The licence of the font we used has suddenly changed to allow  
embedding, so we're going to try using @font-face in the next iteration.