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[_] Font embedding

Steve Kirtley steve.kirtley at
Wed Dec 2 10:33:36 GMT 2009

@font-face can be quite useful if carefully considered - there are still a
number of browsers which do not support it [1], and some of the CSS
properties put in place to smooth a transition to a standard font-family are
not implemented correctly yet... (e.g. font-size-adjust).

All this said - by it's nature of falling back to to a specified system font
makes it the ideal progressive enhancement to a design that doesn't *need*
to be in a specific font.

If you're doing anything particularly clever detecting browsers support or
lack of for @font-face can be a pain - only working(ish) solution I've seen
is the modernizr.js file, which does slow page load... but by doing JS
detection it does make it a doddle to fall back to sifr / cufon / images in
other browsers.


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On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 12:41 AM, Speedwolf <speedwolf at> wrote:

> Seems like the web is starting to grow up a little regarding font faces.
> I read Zeldman's relatively recent article on embedding but it didn't
> really clear things up. What's the current acceptable technology that
> Underscorer's are using in the real world and what caveats should I be
> aware of?
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> Pete
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