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[_] Font embedding

Jon Bennett jmbennett at
Wed Dec 2 09:36:57 GMT 2009

Morning Pete/Thomas,

> It's so easy, I can't believe I waited so long to get into it. I would
> suggest getting on down to, not only do they stock only
> embeddably-licensed fonts, but they've automated a whole fontkit thing, that
> contains the font(s) in all the relevant types, ttf, otf and eot (even svg I
> think!) _and_  provides the CSS! Font Squirrel FTW! looks really useful, though it'd be nice if you could
change the preview text used in the listings.

> I would personally say we're not quite there with cross-browser support, I'm
> seeing a few hiccups with the way in which font-styles (bold/italic) are
> being rendered, or not at all in some cases.

Thomas, I was about to use Cufon on a site, as SIFR is a bit of a
PITA, would you suggest using @font-face now instead? Would you mind
expanding a little on where it falls down x-browser.



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