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[_] Project Pier

Rick Hurst rick.hurst at
Tue Dec 1 16:41:26 GMT 2009

I started trying to use Project Pier (
again as a basecamp substitute, but i'm suffering from random slowness
when I put it on my live server (debian etch/PHP 5.2.0). It's
intermittent, one minute it is snappy as anything, next minute it
suffers from ~45 second page load. Other sites on the same server
still remain fast. Any ideas what could be causing it?

I can't be bothered to start delving through the php, I only installed
it because a) I'm writing my own lightweight PMS, but it's not quite
ready  b) i'm a cheapskate and downgraded my paid basecamp account
last year.

Rick Hurst, Freelance Web Developer, Bristol, UK