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[_] Job postings (was iPhone Contract - ?450 - Holland)

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Tue Dec 1 14:02:30 GMT 2009

The problem with rules is they tend to have unwanted consequences.  
Underscore is wonderfully rule-free, with even such basics as top- 
posting and non-trimming being occasionally nudged against rather than  
officially banned.

I also don't like the idea of splitting off a jobs list: what next,  
splitting off a list that's entirely dedicated to asking for builders,  
plumbers and electricians? The diversity of posts is one of  
underscore's main strengths.

I understand there's an ill feeling towards recruitment agents from  
some quarters, but:

1. They're not all demented leeches, preying on the tender young  
bodies and minds of developers: the ones that bother posting on  
underscore are usually the good ones.
2. They're easily persuaded to mend their ways (e.g. Tom) if they get  
things a bit wrong, and actually they should be given kudos for that.
3. They might want to buy us drinks if we ask nicely.

This conversation has generated far more irrelevant noise than the  
last 2 years of recruitment posts. Like others have said, let's get  
back to friendly live-and-let-live underscoreness, and move on.