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[_] Job postings (was iPhone Contract - ?450 - Holland)

Christian Wach needle at
Tue Dec 1 13:20:38 GMT 2009

Hi Stefan,

On 1 Dec 2009, at 12:44, Stefan Kruger wrote:

> Aren't job postings benefiting the [_] community?

Yes, of course they are. Did you think I implied that they didn't?

> I've occasionally posted job openings here, and - for both shorter  
> and longer gigs - found some excellent talent through people I've  
> met here. Is this
> offensive in any way?

No, of course not. In no way did I imply that it was.

> Are jobs so abundant that [_] sneer at those who offer them?

No sneering coming from me, Stefan. Perhaps you misread my mail? I  
have no problem with people posting *anything* to this list. I just  
have an affinity with the idea that a recruitment agency might  
consider posting to [_] in a similar way to, say, placing an advert.  
Heck, if a company that isn't an agency decided that a donation to the  
list would be appropriate, that would be great too. Some form of  
income stream could hardly hurt the list, could it? Particularly if it  
were used to buy beer.