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[_] POLL: Should Underscore allow recruitment posts

Stefan Kruger stefan.kruger at
Tue Dec 1 12:55:08 GMT 2009

Surely you jest.

This is a list for people in the south west, is it not? Let's see - on I read: "Bristol and South West media
community". People on this list may, or may not, be willing to travel
fractionally beyond the M32, even if you're not?. Or is Bristol
defining the confines of the 'South West'?

I would suggest a broadening of horizons.


2009/11/30 Amias Channer <me at>:
> On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 15:17 +0000, Oliver Humpage wrote:
>> jobs from real companies are what a
>> lot of people find most useful about underscore.
> agreed , I think an important distinction needs to be made
> between regular underscore posters posting about jobs
> at their place of work and professional recruitment consultants
> using the list to spam people for profit
> Could i suggest some rules :
> * no postings for jobs in companies outside bristol
> * any posting must include the company name
> * no professional recruitment consultants
> I still think a distinct jobs list would be more
> useful for both sides .
> Toodle-pip
> Amias
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