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[_] Free GIT Hosts

Rob rob at
Tue Dec 1 12:19:27 GMT 2009

CVSDude _used_ to be reasonably priced. Recently they have 'gone all  
shiny' and bumped up the prices a lot.

Moreover, they sent me an offer to renew my subscription for another year  
at my existing rate. I signed up, then they moaned that I had been given  
too good a deal before - so they weren't able to give me what they had  

They ended up (after many cross emails) downgrading me before my existing  
subscription has expired, then saying I can pay the renewal sum to stay on  
the downgraded subscription for another year.

What's worse - they seem to think this is reasonable and I should be  

I'll be moving away in Feb. Avoid them like the plague.

Any suggestions for another svn host much appreciated.


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> I hear that CVSDude are meant to be quite good and reasonably priced.