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[_] Fwd: FW: Interim PMO Manager - Public/Private Sector Experience

Andy Davies dajdavies at
Tue Dec 1 09:40:12 GMT 2009

2009/12/1 Richard Dennys <richard.dennys at>

> Did you know that even if you went through to the ICO and made a
> complaint, they don't really have any teeth.
> "..We cannot award you compensation or punish an organisation for
> breaking the law. Our main aim is to get the organisation to change
> the way it works so that it handles personal information properly in
> the future..."
> So what's the point of that?
> Have written to the boss, will forward to my clients and press
> contacts recommending they don't work with them and will will probably
> forward via my twitter and linked in site on how bad this is as a
> working practice.
> then i am going to get myself a life again.
I had a look at the ICO's site last night after some debt management company
cold called me and then hung up when I asked to be removed, as
they withheld the number the ICO can't help -so what's the point of them