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[_] Drinks + skillswap tonight

Speedwolf speedwolf at
Tue Dec 1 08:47:45 GMT 2009

Morning Jon,
Great to catch up too last night.
If it's a good end of year I might put some behind the bar for January  
and tout myself shamelessly about the Watershed.
Shame I had to leave so early mind :(


On Dec 1, 2009, at 8:26 AM, Jon Bennett <jmbennett at> wrote:

>> Hooray! Some good news, after all this very serious discussion.
>> Toolstation, the lovely are putting £100
>> behind the bar tonight at Watershed. So if you weren't coming,
>> hopefully the lure of free beer will now persuade you :) I'll start
>> the tab once skillswap's finished, around 8pm.
> Thanks to Toolstation for the free beer and Oliver for organising (and
> Marek for the lift to the station). Was good to put some names to
> faces (and catch up with futurites, old and current). Next time will
> get my act together earlier so I can learn something, not just the
> drinks. What is next btw, is it Drupal?
> Tuesday morning (admittedly mild) hangovers aren't so great mind  
> you :/
> j
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