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Alex Older hunter at
Fri Nov 28 17:01:22 GMT 2008

Did you get the beeps before or after putting the extra memory in?

If before then the beeps will mean it doesn't like the new memory.

If you want all the pretty OSX stuff then it might be worth picking up a G4
or newer.

2008/11/28 Oliver Humpage <oliver at>

> On 28 Nov 2008, at 16:13, Ale Fernandez wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I've had a blue g3 macintosh running os/9 for a couple of years as a
> > simple way to just surf, use itunes, email and not much else. But
> > after
> > not using it for 3 months, I turned it on to a series of beeps and a
> > blank screen.
> Look up the beep codes for it - a series of beeps usually indicates
> something like bad RAM, in which case try swapping chips out until it
> works, or dodgy video card.
> > Also if it still works and I finally put more memory in it, I can
> > apparently put OSX on it. Or even debian, but I've tried and failed
> > miserably at this.
> OS X will run okay-ish, but your graphics card is likely to be awful,
> so rendering all the lovely GUI stuff will sap all the strength from
> the CPU and leaving it in difficulty even playing back MP3s whilst
> surfing the web (depends on exact G3 model, CPU speed and RAM, of
> course).
> > Should I chuck it out or is there a cheap repair person somewhere or
> > even a place on the net where I can ask?
> Depends how attached you are to it. It's unlikely to be cheaply
> repairable if any spares are needed.
> Oliver.
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