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[_] photo printing api

Jon Bennett jmbennett at
Wed Nov 26 12:40:32 GMT 2008

hi _

I have a project that needs the facility to order prints of photos.
Generally these are only printed once. My client is currently taking
the order, then printing via photobox, but wants to automate it more.
We were looking at photobox pro, but they keep delaying launch - and I
think it might be overkill for our needs.

I'm after a service that allows me to redirect the user from the photo
detail page of the site to the correct photo purchase page, allowing
them to select size etc and then print.

Wish list of features would be:

- upload original via an api so this can be done via my cms
- allow a markup so photos are not sold at cost price
- handles the payment side of things so we can sidetrack paypal (or similar)

Does this kind of thing exist? Google's not come up with much yet
'online printing api' brings a whole load of irrelevant stuff.




jon bennett
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