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[_] File upload conundrum

John Norsworthy John at
Tue Nov 25 19:57:14 GMT 2008

Nothing that I've put up. However when I upload a file to the 
directory I'm putting my test files into /_BR a copy of the file is 
also being placed into the www directory.

>Hi John,
>Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 5:37:25 PM, you wrote:
>>  As I'm seeing [2] updated it appears to rule out a caching problem at
>>  my end but as others outside this office can see [1] updated this
>>  appears to rule out a problem at the host end.
>>  I'm a mac user but on a pc I've ping and tracert [1]'s domain and can
>>  finds the domain without issue. All caches are cleared in Firefox,
>>  IE6, IE7, Safari on PC/Mac and I've reset the router too.
>>  Any ideas?
>Could the site have some logic in it that displays a different version
>to you? I quite often throw my static IP into a block of test pages so
>only I can view them.
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