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[_] Web contract up for grabs

Richard Moore richard at
Mon Nov 17 16:20:43 GMT 2008

Hi All,

For a number of personal reasons, the time has come for me to pass on a 
site we have been looking after for a few years.

It is custom built PHP with a MySQL database and has a shed load of 
functionality, including ticketing, merchandise and ecommerce. As the 
site was built on a tight initial budget, there are some elements that 
are updated directly through the database, rather than through the CMS 
and bits of code that could really do with some tidying up. Saying that, 
its not in bad shape at all.

The site requires hosting and regular updates about 6 times a year. 
There is also an element of development, steadily adding to the 
functionality and improving the design. I would estimate that its worth 
£2500-£3000 on average per year to someone.

I am happy to pass it on but need to be assured that whoever takes it on 
has adequate hosting and will give the job and client the attention they 
both deserve.

Please let me know off list. In case I gets lots of responses, please 
don't be offended if I don't get back to you.

Many thanks,