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[_] Regex help

Jeff Parsons bynari8 at
Fri Nov 14 05:28:43 GMT 2008

> Good idea, I'll do that _if_ it transpires it's required. As there's
> only 2 people using this cms so unlikely to be an issue at present - I
> don't do quick and dirty scripting, certainly not intentionally!

Hehe. Yeah, I understand from your earlier posts that in this case the
input is limited to only a few cases but I would still advise using
the parser. You never know what's around the corner.

Sometimes an application will start off with having a certain critera
so the programmer will just create the less robust solution and then
perhaps a year down the line new requirements develop or something
changes that causes the way application is used to change. By that
time you'll have long forgotten about the original parser vs regex
idea and will have some weird bug you or another programmer has to

So in any situation where you have an application I advise always
going with the more robust solution unless it's going to add a
dramatic amount of programming time which in this case it won't.

Good luck :)