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[_] Really enjoyed WDC yesterday

Andy Gale andy at
Thu Nov 13 12:15:32 GMT 2008

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 11:43 AM, Rick Hurst <rick.hurst at> wrote:

> Although I haven't actually currently got any openings for placements
> (although that could easily change), I was a little disappointed about
> how shy the students were - I was only approached by one. Also the
> scared bunnies in the audience at question time were hilarious! Maybe
> some sort of organised meet and greet would be more successful in the
> future to help push the students at the right people - a few more
> representatives from larger companies/ agencies would be good there,
> as many of us there yesterday were one man band/ small companies, not
> necessarily in a position to offer placements.

Yep - good day though... thanks to the organisers. Found James Boxes'
presentation very interesting indeed.

Students were a bit shy though. We only had one come up to us.
Although Mike is quite frightening so you can understand that.

Andy Gale