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[_] Holt Computer Club in the 80's (nr Trowbridge)

Tom Gidden tom at
Thu Nov 13 12:53:21 GMT 2008

On 13 Nov 2008, at 12:46, Matthew Wilkes wrote:

> *would prefer !Tunes to iTunes any day*

Hmm... there's always a lot of nostalgia about BBC BASIC, RISC OS,  
etc., but last time I played with Acorn stuff, I realised how  
incredibly crunky it was.

Especially when it came to the later additions to make it Internet- 
savvy, like really weak-ass TCP/IP packages, web browsers, etc., and  
the virus susceptibility thanks to !App.!Boot files, and some *really*  
wrong UI concepts.

Saying that, I loves me some !Draw, ArtWorks and Impression  
Publisher.  Unfortunately, Xara just doesn't cut it.


Tom Gidden