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Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Mon Nov 10 15:30:19 GMT 2008

2008/11/10 Jon Free <jon at>

> Hey Rick,
> I wasn't aware that there was a simple function like that in .NET. I have
> actually created similar functionality from scratch but it took me forever
> to create and was very complex. I was hoping for a simpler solution because
> the site once built may not be managed by myself.
> Perhaps I should reconsider this as an option. Thanks

Been there, done that!  The trick to .NET I've found is that if it sounds
like it should be straight forward then usually it is. The number of times
I've written a bunch of code to do something only to discover I can do it in
one line! It's the age old classic of learning the object libraries I guess,
Intellisense helps out but only if you can guess what object you need to be
looking at and MSDN is useful if you ask the right question.

rick (not Rick)