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[_] Interactive DVD - advice

Stefan Goodchild underscore at
Fri Nov 7 15:54:07 GMT 2008

On 7 Nov 2008, at 15:30, Rob Enslin wrote:

> That's useful advice Tim. Could you recommend a professional agency  
> that
> could put a DVD together - from the actual content to the DVD  
> printing and
> cases?
> -- Rob

I was in touch with Ian Shepherd at SRT a while back ( 
  ) and he knows his stuff, beyond that there are loads of DVD authors  
around, but it is a bit of a dark art to get something that plays well  
across a large range of DVD players so there is a big difference  
between a "DVD Author" who'll knock out a DVD of your old VHS tapes  
with Encore and someone who actually knows the spec, the pitfalls and  
the tools and how to get round the bugs and properly test it.

If you think browsers are bad with the W3C specs you should multiply  
that by however many DVD manufacturers there are!

DVD Studio Pro for instance doesn't create very nice DVDs as far as  
the spec goes, but can work.  I'd never in a million years suggest you  
press from DVD Studio Pro without some serious digging around for a  
few days with something like to clean it  
all up.  It does the same kind of insane things to a DVD that iWeb  
does to web pages.

As far as what your client needs it's entirely possible.  I used DVD  
Creator (about £20k per seat back then) to do the Peter Gabriel DVDs  
and you can do some really quite interesting stuff once you go down  
the DVD shaped rabbit hole.