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[_] komodo help

Lyle webmaster at
Thu Nov 6 13:36:50 GMT 2008

s'unya wrote:
> Any komodo users out there?
> I was using coff *Dreamweaver* coff and Notepad++ to develop a project, DW
> started crashing when I typed a '{', which is really I thought
> I'd look at komodo. I've installled the latest trial and have been generally
> impressed until I came to test the previously working code... Komodo
> installs it own very useful debugger, which is giving me this message:
> *Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in C:\lala\lalal\ on
> line 42*
> Obviously mysqli isn't in that file, it should be a native class to php...
> any ideas how I might go about sorting this - or at least turning off the
> komodo debugger so that I can get on with testing?

You can turn off the the various debugging features in the preferences. 
I'm assuming you mean the automatic syntax checking, which can be 
disabled through Preferences->Editor->Smart Editing->Enable background 
syntax checking
For larger pieces of software I usually set this to 10 seconds rather 
than disabling it.

Are you sure you have the mysqli PHP extension installed and not just 
the normal mysql extension?

ActiveState also run various mailing lists which I'm sure you'd be able 
to get any help you need.


P.S. My advice is you drop PHP and use Perl instead for all your web and 
sysadmin needs. But then I would say that :)