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[_] komodo help

s'unya sunya.dickman at
Thu Nov 6 13:12:29 GMT 2008

Any komodo users out there?

I was using coff *Dreamweaver* coff and Notepad++ to develop a project, DW
started crashing when I typed a '{', which is really I thought
I'd look at komodo. I've installled the latest trial and have been generally
impressed until I came to test the previously working code... Komodo
installs it own very useful debugger, which is giving me this message:
*Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in C:\lala\lalal\ on
line 42*
Obviously mysqli isn't in that file, it should be a native class to php...
any ideas how I might go about sorting this - or at least turning off the
komodo debugger so that I can get on with testing?

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