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[_] [OT] Is the country going mad?

Leo Pitt leopitt at
Tue Nov 4 19:28:25 GMT 2008

Hmm... It's all about context I suppose.

Just the other day I was listening to Thought for The Week and it was
rubbish: No jokes at all! Come on BBC, whatever happened to pushing the
boundaries, etc

On Mock the Week you can expect to hear paedophilia / murder / Josef
Fritzl made light of every week.... If people who find that kind of
humour offensive were alerted to it I guess it would get hundreds of
complaints too.

If every broadcast has to work on the assumption that it might offend
someone then you'll just end up with rubbish homogenous output.

If the BBC *wasn't* getting criticized for over-stepping the mark from
time to time it'd mean something is wrong.


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