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[_] php frameworks again - permanent scaffolding

Darren Beale bealers at
Thu Dec 18 19:43:33 GMT 2008

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 7:02 PM, Rick Hurst <rick.hurst at> wrote:
> i'm just trying to work out which of the php frameworks generate
> *permanent* scaffolding i.e. for any given content type the framework
> can generate the admin forms and listings necessary for a user to Add
> and Edit and Delete items. By permanent, I mean the framework can be
> asked to dump the code to the file system, so that you can build on
> it, rather than the temporary scaffolding that just gives you a basic
> admin interface for development purposes. I'm pretty sure Cake does -
> any others?

Symfony does this 2 ways. Either you can generate the very basic
scafolding (crud in Symfony parlance) where (iirc) it copies a v basic
controller and templates into the relevant folders for the given
module. Or you can use the full-fat admin screens (including sorting,
filtering, validation, custom columns) that can all be configured
using a generator.yml file for that module. In the latter case the
controller's view files are auto generated and plonked into the cache
but if you want to make permanent modifications you simply copy them
over into your module's templates folder which it then uses instead.
For the controller you subclass it (symfony creates one for you ready
to go) and you just modify the methods you need to.

99% of the time I start from an admin screen, modify the generator.yml
until I've got as much as I can out-of-the-box and then ditch it,
copying over the files I need to change.