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[_] UK ignores logic, backs 20-year music copyright extension

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Mon Dec 15 18:42:48 GMT 2008

On 15 Dec 2008, at 16:51, Amias Channer wrote:

> nooooo , you are forgetting the suck it and see principle . you  
> have to
> share it somehow to get the exposure .
> if people like what you do they will pay you.

Course they will, course they will...

> the whole choose your own
> price thing is an example of this , yes i know its only really   
> working
> with big artists who are household names at the moment but that is
> changing.

I can't quite see how it can change? The only reason big names can do  
it is that they have enough money already and don't have a mortgage  
payment due any day.

> but with a system like you can get a lot of plays , if you are
> good enough.

I'm tempted to put some of my music up there and see how many it  
gets. About 3 as I test it, I suspect :) And you will need a *lot* of  
plays: if you only get a low number then you don't even get to a  
penny, according to their FAQ, so you'll need dozens if not hundreds  
of plays *every hour* to be able to make sensible money.