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[_] Grooming filters

Richard Davey rich at
Wed Oct 31 13:48:58 GMT 2007

Hi underscore,

Has anyone out there ever had to work on any server-side grooming*

I've seen a couple of client-side apps that monitor IM/Chat
applications for common grooming strings, but most sites I know (Club
Penguin for example) employ their own in-house systems to catch
phrases in forum/chat posts.

I'm interested in building such a system, I actually think it'd make a
very good community project (i.e. fully open source) for sites to
implement freely, as they see fit.

* If you're lucky enough to be sat there thinking "why on earth do I
need a filter to cope with pet hair care" then a quick summary of what
grooming is (in an on-line, predatory sense) can be found here:

If you run (or have a built for a client) a web site which appeals to
children, and offers some kind of social interaction between the
users, then this is a really serious issue that (as developers) I
think we all ought to be researching in depth. Hopefully together we
can produce a good solution we can all benefit from?


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