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Rick Hurst rick.hurst at
Fri Oct 26 12:05:28 BST 2007

On 10/26/07, Jon Bennett <jmbennett at> wrote:

> > XAMMP also works on g4 but is pants (the last version i ran before i
> > did it properly was crashing left right and centre and required
> > reinstalling almost daily).
> I've been using XAMPP on my MBP since I got it, and it's been rock
> solid all that time.
> > entropy binaries are far better (read the proper way) and are so
> > simple to set up its a wonder why people bother with XAMPP.
> ahh, I'm the polar opposite of that!

I installed XAMPP (on the advice of Jon) and had an issue with apache
(but I can't remember what it was), so now I have mysql running under
XAMPP and apache via entropy. I'm always the fence sitter ;-)

Rick Hurst, Web developer, Bristol, England