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[_] Alternative to BaseCamp?

Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Oct 19 12:10:15 BST 2007

On 19 Oct 2007, at 11:36, Jon Bennett wrote:

>> Is great for 'interactive sitemaps'.
> ahh, that's pretty interesting. have been planning on doing the exact
> same thing (not as a public service, just for me!) using a slightly
> cut down version of the last CMS I built. Which helps cause clients
> get used to setting their content up in a CMS, and when things move to
> dev with the real designs, their content in already in the db and when
> they go live they're still using the same interface to manage their
> site.

Yup, this is pretty much what Andy & Ben from Rubberductions showed  
at one of the Skillswaps using Plone.  We do similar things in which  
we sometimes have client inputting content into a out-of-the-box  
version of Plone whilst we build their site, we can then just migrate  
the content over when ready.  Works well when you have multiple bits  
of a project being done in parallel.


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