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[_] Data recovery

Karl McClelland karlspringfield at
Tue Oct 16 21:37:05 BST 2007

For what it's worth, I popped into PC World in Bath the other day and was
talking about my own failed disk. Apparently they have a new machine in
there that can recover anything. I think they have a no fix no fee policy,
but it's maybe worth a try.


On 16/10/2007, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:
> Just to re-recommend a company...
> One of our disks died over the weekend. Badly - wouldn't even spin up.
> Alas,
> the *one* server we didn't take backups of (it plays the music in the
> café/bar, and has lots of scripts and weirdnesses on to keep things
> ticking
> along).
> Found recommended for data recovery back in the
> 2004 archives.
> Drove it up to Datastor yesterday afternoon, went and collected a new HDD
> with a bit-for-bit copy of the old one today, have just slapped it back
> into
> the machine and it works fine.
> They charge £295 flat charge to recover data - and if they can't recover
> anything, you only pay £35. Well, well worth it.
> Oliver.
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