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[_] monthly support

Tim Gaunt info at
Sat Oct 13 14:41:32 BST 2007

Hi Joel,

We offer monthly support SLAs to all our clients, these are optional and are
at our usual hourly rate, it depends very much on the site and what we
were/are commissioned to do i.e. for an ecommerce site with SEM services we
would recommend something in the region of 10 hours a month. We basically
estimate how many hours will be required over the year and divide that by

Rather than offering the services at a lower hourly rate we offer a discount
on the hourly rate for longer term contracts as this allows us to forecast
our earnings for the year etc a lot easier, i.e. 5% for a 6month term, 10%
for a 12month and 15% for 18month+.