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[_] senior developer - where do i find one?

Andrew Parkhouse create at
Mon Oct 8 14:28:30 BST 2007

On 8 Oct 2007, at 12:19, Michael Trim wrote:

>> Be fair - most of the people churning out web sites are turning out
> table
> based junk ...
> Do you really think that's still the case?=

Lots of major sites are heavily dependent on tables, e.g. Google Ad  
Sense uses a lot, so do Apple last time I checked.  I did a little  
trawl the other day, can't remember all the sites I found but there  
was no shortage of tables for layout.

Doesn't make it right.  But it does point up that this remains a non- 
issue for many people: "the site renders reliably cross-browser -  
what's the issue?"  (no, I get the issue, don't all pile on).