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[_] senior developer - where do i find one?

Daniel Hilton daniel.hilton at
Mon Oct 8 10:28:50 BST 2007

+1 to what has been said so far but also why not talk about the
environment in which they'd be working in.

Going to put them in front of a 17-inch CRT? Don't even think about it.

Buying them two widescreen monitors to hook up to a dual display
graphics card? Now thats interesting! Look at this company profile /
ad here:

And also this one:
MeetUp Vs Google

Developers are motivated by money but also by environment, sense of
purpose and culture of the company. If you're going to let me work on
a pet project that helps the company a little bit or send me to some
interesting conferences where I can learn new skills then I think that
shows you are willing to invest in me as an asset to the company
rather than just work me to the bone.

Just my 2p.

Dan Hilton