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[_] Team Foundation Server

Richard Price richardprice at
Fri Oct 5 15:40:35 BST 2007

On 05/10/2007, Rick Edwards <rick.edwards at> wrote:
> Dear _scorers
> anyone here use M$ team foundation server? We're looking into it here
> at work but are a little curious as to the pricing structure and our
> requirements especially with respect to the individual team centre
> modules (developer, tester, etc). Do these actually add any real value
> above and beyond the core foundation server, are they strictly
> necessary in a "proper" development environment or are they just "nice
> to have"?

We are actually implementing it at the moment, the pricing structure
is pretty flat actually - you pay for Team Foundation Server (incl OEM
SQL Server license for TFS only), and the Team Edition packs
(Developer, Database, Tester, Suite Architect et al) all hold licenses
for connecting, but you can buy standalone licenses to allow third
party use of the Team Explorer utility where the user doesn't have a
Team Edition development suite.

A 5 named user TFS server license is also available in most MSDN
subscriptions, but it isn't upgradeable - 5 named users is the
absolute limit.

The individual Team Edition development suites are actually pretty
useful - we have the Developer edition and the Suite Architect, both
of which are (in our limited experience thus far) worth it.  We are
also purchasing a Database edition as that contains some very useful
tools (there is a 6 month demo available which allows you to upgrade a
Developer edition and try it out).

Rereading your email, I have to say that TFS and the edition packs are
not really interchangeable - TFS is your centralised project
management, build server, SCM, bug tracking and related management
product, and the development suites are just that - the tools to
actually get the development done.

You can very easily use the suites without TFS and rely on CVS or
(holds in the vomit) Visual Source Safe for SCM, and handle builds and
unit tests separately - its up to you whether the money you save would
be worth it tbh.

I specifically have not given any actual prices as they can vary quite
a lot depending on what you buy, when you buy and how you buy.