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[_] Ripping html code

Jim Hill info at
Wed Nov 7 13:58:27 GMT 2007

Hi Karl,

I think really the best way is going to just copy the HTML, but I see that
your site has quite a lot of nested DIVS, so it could be a little tricky.
You may have to just mimic it.

If Jobthread allows you to link in external HTML files, you could set up
each section of your site in MODx as a Chunk and then build a new page for
each section e.g. You build a new page in MODx called header.tpl, that
simply calls in the "header" Chunk without a template for the page.

Thinking about it though I think it's unlikely that you would be able to
link in external HTML and I'm pretty certain you will need to just add code.
You should be able to link your current CSS though which may help?

Sorry, but I can't think of a straight forward solution for this.


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> From: Karl McClelland <karlspringfield at>
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> Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 10:20:05 +0000
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> Subject: [_] Ripping html code
> Hi,
> I suppose this is pretty straightforward but it's slightly beyond me.
> I'm adding to my site. This is based
> on jobthread which is configuable.
> Jobthread allows me to insert the following:
>   * CSS
>   * Header (html allowed)
>   * Footer (html allowed)
>   * Left Column (html allowed)
>   * Right column (html allowed)
>   * Top of Navigation Column (HTML Allowed)
>   * Bottom of Navigation Column (HTML Allowed)
> and
>   * Post a Job Copy (HTML Allowed)
> I've played around a little with the CSS and Header and Footer but what I'd
> really like to do is to replicate the site's actual design:
> so that it fits in etc.
> Is there a way I can just copy the navigation section and put it into
> jobthread or would I have to build something that just looks the same ?
> Hope this makes sense.
> BTW I'm using MODX
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> Thanks,
> Karl
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